Threats to your computers come from almost every angle; let Argus Technologies, Inc. help keep the bad guys out.  Virus and spyware are responsible for millions of dollars of damage each year, so don’t leave yourself unprotected.   Let us help to lock your system down by using the most advance anti-spyware and anti-virus protection available.  If you think you may already have a bug due to slow performance, pop-ups, system crashing, or freezing, rest assured our support staff is armed with the technical know-how and tools to get your system operating properly again.   Argus Technologies, Inc. can also help secure your network from intrusion.  With identity theft on the rise each year, it’s imperative that the proper security measures to prevent un-authorized access to your network and computers are taken.  With advanced hardware and software firewall solutions, we can help keep your data safe from attack.